Individuals and Organizations donate to the VSF fund.

It only takes one person to make a difference.  Whether your donation is $10, $100, or $1,000, it will be combined with the donations of others to make a lifelong difference in the life of a veteran Рand keep on giving year after year after year.


VSF establishes an endowment at a college.

VSF evaluates technical and vocational colleges to determine where the need is greatest, then establishes an endowment for a scholarship to train veterans and their spouses in hands-on skills to enter the job market successfully.


Veterans apply for scholarships.

Each college will manage their VSF endowment, which will enable them to provide scholarships to veterans with the most need and ensure they reach out to help veterans interested in their academic programs. Colleges with endowments will be listed on this site for ease of access to interested veterans and spouses.


Veterans are given the skills they need.

All colleges where endowments are established must be accredited and carefully vetted by VSF staff to ensure the programs they provide have successful track records of success. This ensures veterans receiving scholarship funds are receiving skills that will enable a successful, productive job search.


Veterans are qualified for job placement.

Newly formed skills will enable veterans to easily seek employment to provide for themselves and their family. VSF will continually evaluate the success of each endowment to ensure the skills taught are leading to long-term employment and successful careers.